An Old Window

a wooden shutter

weeping windows

tin-plated windowsills

wet bubbles bursting

and splashing out water –

so cooling and

caressing –

the wailing wind will sing a song

and drop for a while

and just the rhythmic sound of beating rain


through the silence







the poet is a strange human being

now dropping down

now hovering above

a human being who can understand and

sympathize with everybody

whose heart

has never stopped loving

who was crying

while others were rejoicing

who knows that is being mocked

and does not know how to be afraid

often surprised

and often lacking words

half an angel still in heaven

and the other half strolling the earth

thus created

with a hurt self ever since

who will not harm anybody

singing songs to one´s self

always surprised

feeling the loneliness

often unable to express this in words

a human being who understood

the agony of the man of Gethsemane

who when the need arouse

took any job

and who although a beggar

enjoyed the feeling of being a king

The sample is from the collection of poems Steep Roads published by Arca-JiMfa.