With the painting “Brooklynský most” by the Lesser Town atelier, 1995.
Autograph session at the Monument of National Literature in Strahov.
In the garden of the photographer Gita Mancová-Pechová, 1988.


The third millenium seems to have transformed the purpose of human activity, as if financial prosperity and popularity were the only issues that matter. This shift is also seen in the creative activity of artists. The meaning of “to have a vocation“ is entirely different from the meaning of “to choose a profession“. Talent, an outward sign, testifies to inward vocation, without which any art lacks imagination and viabiity. On the contrary, characteristic of the art of Marie Tefrová is deep experience, intense emotions, and authenticity. Even twenty years later you can experience this embrace of the “miraculous world of life and space“ reflecting the fact – thanks to the painter´s vision and perceptivity – that our lives are not in full agreement with realilty and that our existence lacks coherence and meaning. This is why about forty years ago she embarked on the way of exploration and became obsessed with painting and poetry.

In the artistic work of recent years she has directed her focus towards a choice of more vivid colours and gradual withdrawal from chiaroscuro. Her art is neither “art brut” nor descriptively realistic. Inspiration of her art is nature with a human being always present in its centre, reflecting also the traces of his or her activities and completely overwhelming us by unexpected charm of her very personal approach to painting. Marie Tefrová works with classical materials and technique of glazed painting, thus maintaining the continuity of the traditional Czech painting, which is precisely her undisputed share and contribution to the overall profile of the present-day art.

PhDr. J. Kříž