With the painting “Brooklynský most” by the Small Site atelier, 1995.
Autograph session at the Monument of National Literature in Strahov.
In the garden of the photographer Gita Mancová-Pechová, 1988.


In the third millennium, the meaning of human activity seemed to be measured only by financial success and popularity. This is also reflected in the field of artistic activity. At the same time, “having a profession” means something completely different than choosing a job. Talent, as an outward sign, is only an indication of an inner vocation, without which every art is deaf and rigid. Marie Tefrová’s art, on the other hand, is characterized by depth of experience, warmth of emotion and authenticity. After twenty years, you can re-enter this embrace of the “wonderful world of light and space”, in which it is clear, thanks to the author’s vision and perception, that our lives do not fully correspond to reality and that our existence lacks coherence and meaning. That’s why she embarked on a search journey about forty years ago and subscribed to obsessions with painting and poetry.

The work from recent years leans towards a sharper color, a retreat from chiaroscuro. It is neither “art brut” nor descriptive realism. He always comes from nature with a man in the middle, with traces of his activity and conquers us with unexpected charms of a specially conceived painting. He works with classical materials and the technique of glazing in connection with Czech painting, which is a guarantee of Marie Tefrová’s contribution to the overall profile of contemporary art.

PhDr. J. Kříž